Epocha (Czech) 2008

Sister Alice

Orbit PB 2003
Tor PB 2004

Orbit - May 2003

UK Paperback

ISBN 1-841-49125-X

416 pages -- £6.99

Tor - October 2003


ISBN 076530225X

320 pages -- $25.95

Tor - November 2004

US Paperback

ISBN 0765341476

368 pages -- $7.99


In Finnish --


"Some 10 million years in the future, a thousand trustworthy humans and their cloned offspring have been granted an incredible power. With it they can build worlds wherever they wish and terraform any wasteland. With it they preserved a peace that lasted for eons.

But the arrival of a woman as old as the Great Peace itself generates uncertainty and fear. For she brings with her a dire warning: the tale of an ancient crime that may yet tear the universe asunder.

A far-future epic of god-like humans and their colossal blunders, Sister Alice is a novel of incredible imagination from the author of the acclaimed Marrow." -- text from the back cover the UK paperback edition

"Millions of years from now, humanity will be on the brink of self-destruction. The world's great leaders have created an elite group who, by their superior wisdom and abilities, keep the peace, maintain progress, and otherwise safeguard humanity's future. Genetically enhanced, they are the carriers of Earth's greatest talents, a force unlike any in the history of mankind.

For ten million years, the Families dominated the galaxy. But then Alice, a brilliant scientist of the Chamberlain family, took part in an attempt to create a new galaxy. Her experiment unleased vast forces that the family could not control, causing a catastrophe that killed untold billions of people on many worlds.

Before she was punished for her role in the debacle, Alice visited Ord, a younger Chamberlain. Only he, of all the people in the galaxy, knows what Alice tells him. Her words launch him upon a quest that will take him across the vast reaches of space. He must discover his own true nature, and somehow restore the family honor. Sister Alice is his epic story." -- text from the back cover of the US paperback edition

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  Awards and Other Notes

•Locus Recommended Reading List - 2003

•John W. Campbell Award Finalist - 2004

•Set in the Sister Alice sequence -- see connected stories list

Tor HB 2003
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