Donald I. Fine HB 1987
Popular Library PB 1988

The Leeshore

Donald I. Fine Inc. - 1987


ISBN 0-917657-98-5

253 pages -- $16.95

Popular Library/Questar - 1988


ISBN 0-445206-16-0

358 pages -- £6.99


"Inspired by Hemingway's Islands in the Stream, but wholly original in conception, The Leeshore takes as its setting a bizarre planet covered almost entirely in water, the surface of which is cloaked perpetually in darkness. Miles above the planet's surface a jungle of free-floating plants forms an almost seamless carpet, blocking the light from the sun and forcing organisms below to function through biological luminescence.

Into this windswept, Hades-like shadow world converge two warring parties: one a battle-hardened crew of avenging Earthmen, the other a cult of computer worshippers known as Alteretics. The Alteretics have failed in their bid to conquer Earth with a God of their own design -- the most sophisticated computer ever constructed. Now they are being hunted down by the people they had tried to subjugate.

Recruited by the Earthmen to guide them across the planet's Stygian terrain are two young people: the only inhabitants of Leeshore to have survived the attack of the Alteretics. As the search for the murderous sect escalates, brother and sister find themselves questioning not only their allegiance to their newfound conrades, but also the odd quirk of fate that has bestowed on them the power to determine who shall live and who shall die." -- Hardback flyleaf text

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