Donald I. Fine HB 1987
Popular Library PB 1989

The Hormone Jungle

Donald I Fine Inc. - 1987


ISBN 0-55611-066-9

300 pages -- $17.95

Popular Library/Questar - June 1989


ISBN 0-445-20745-0

300 pages -- $4.50

LGF HB 1991

"Like Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner," The Hormone Jungle is a story of hunters and hunted, of bizarre life forms fighting on an overcrowded Earth two thousand years hence for autonomy and mastery.

At the center of the novel is Steward, a warrior and troubleshooter-for-hire who becomes the inadvertent protector of an android Flower -- a being created to give sexual pleasure -- not realizing that the Flower is considerably more than meets the eye.

Moving through a crowded terraformed equatorial landscape inhabited by trillions of lifeforms, some human, some robotic, some cybernetic, Steward and the android girl known as Chiffon seek escape from the vengeance of a crime overlord.

The Hormone Jungle is not only the story of Steward and his exotically beautiful charge. It is also the story of a Jupiterian exile named Toby, whose clashes with his Venetian cyborg neighbor, Gabbro, only hint at the perversity of his ambition. It is in the counterposed outcomes of these separate conflicts that the novel's brilliance is showcased." -- US Hardback flyleaf text

"He thought he wrote the book on danger...then a synthetic woman taught him the meaning of the word.

Flower. A gorgeous humanoid robot whose only reason for being is pleasure. On earth, one thousand years in the future, a Flower is an ace mistress -- short on years, long on passion -- like Luscious Chiffon, the flower that changed Steward's life.

He found her in a sleazy bar in the Old Quarter. He was a Yellowknife renegade, a human that the life-forms sof Brule City considered was one tough troubleshooter. Then he fell for the android beauty hook, line, and sinker. Of course, Luscious Chiffon knew her stuff. But she looked vulnerable, and Steward wanted to protect her. He didn't know she was running like hell from the man who owned her. Now, warrior Steward's got a vicious crime lord on his tail and an alien scheme for domination on his hands. Not to mention a seductive Flower who isn't all she's cracked up to be." -- Paperback back cover text

LGF - September 1995

French Paperback

ISBN 2253071773

413 pages -- €?.??



LGF - September 1991

French Hardback

ISBN 2221067126

350 pages -- €19.82

Futura Orbit - April 1989

UK Hardback

ISBN 0-7088-8289-7

?? pages -- £??

Orbit - April 1990

UK Paperback

ISBN 0-7088-8327-3

?? pages -- £??

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