Flavors of My Genius

PS Publishing HB 2006

PS Publishing - November 2006

Chapbook - 300 Numbered Hardback Copies

ISBN 190461972X

89 pages -- $45.00

PS Publishing - November 2006

Chapbook - 500 Numbered Paperback Copies

ISBN 1904619711

89 pages -- $18.00


"Damian Veers enjoys a rich, comfortable existence. His body wants for nothing, while his soul is possessed by an infinite, enduring genius. Using nothing but his own restless mind, Damian spends his long days visiting a multitude of distant worlds, seducing dream-women of every sort; when he wishes, he leaps casually back and forth through his own rich memories, replaying little portions of a gigantic existence that may never end.

This is the fate of every intelligent species. Minds grow to a point where thought is more real than reality, and the simplest daydreams are more compelling than any starship.

Humanity has never been so happy.

Then a strange woman appears: Dot James, physical and plainspoken, suddenly moves into the house next door to Damian's. To all appearances, she is immune to the addictive kinds of genius that every other person embraces. Damian is astonished and intrigued. He studies his new neighbor as she goes about her simple life, and he remembers back to the fateful moment when the stars first spoke to the helpless Earth.

Over the next weeks and months, Damian builds up his courage. He converses with Dot, and he dreams about her, and with his relentless imagination, he tries to explain both her presence here and her mysterious origins. And all the while, he thinks back to his youth and the wife that he loved then and still loves today.

Somehow, Dot and Damian's pasts are linked, and it's only a matter of time until his intellect figures out this amazing puzzle...

But if the mind has no limits, how can you trust what your mind tells you? If imagination is more real than the universe, then what is real?

And more importantly, what is right?" -- text from the flyleaf of the hardback edition


  Awards and Other Notes

• Introduction by James Patrick Kelly

• Print run limited to 300 Hardback copies, numbered and signed by both Robert Reed and James Patrick Kelly; and 500 Paperback copies, numbered and signed by Robert Reed

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