Bantam Spectra PB 1991
Orbit PB 2003

Down the Bright Way

Bantam Spectra - April 1991

Paperback Original

ISBN 0-553-28923-3

312 pages -- $4.50

Includes preview of Black Milk

Orbit [UK] - 2003


ISBN 1-84149-255-8

358 pages -- £6.99

LGF HB 1994

"In the vastness of space there are millions of worlds like our own, each with its own version of humanity. At the dawn of time, the godlike Makers created the Bright, a gleaming roadway between the stars, linking all of these earthlike worlds. Millions of years later, the Wanderers set out upon the Bright to find the Makers. Drawn from countless worlds, they came to save each planet from self-destruction and unite all of humankind in a common destiny. But far down the Bright wait the unFound, a ruthless, warlike race bent upon conquest. Torn apart by treachery and betrayal, the Wanderers are powerless to stop them. Now the outcome of all human history rests in the hands of an earth man masquerading as a Wanderer, who must put aside his own selfish goals to avert a shattering catastrophe.

Filled with awe-inspiring vision and heart-stopping interstellar adventure, Down the Bright Way is a thrilling science fiction epic by the acclaimed author of Black Milk." -- US Paperback back cover text

"In the deepness of space there are millions of worlds like our own. All are linked by the Bright, a pathway between the stars, created by an ancient godlike race known only as the Makers.

Now humanity travels the Bright, uniting its worlds to a common destiny and a better future. But they do not travel alone. For others have discovered this gateway to the stars and they are planning to use it for a far more deadly purpose.

A far future epic of breathtaking scope and boundless imagination, Down the Bright Way is a spectacular novel from one of the giants of SF." -- UK paperback cover text

 Awards and other Notes

• Winner of the 1995 Imaginaire Award for best foreign SF novel translated into French, as La Voie Terrestre

• Nominee for a 2005 Seiun Award for Best Foreign Translation



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Robert Laffont - February 1994

French Hardback

ISBN 2221074483

365 pages -- £22.81

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