Donald I. Fine HB 1989

Black Milk

Bantam/Spectra PB 1991
LGF HB 1995

Donald I Fine Inc. - 1989


ISBN 0-55611-115-0

300 pages -- $17.95

Popular Library/Questar - March 1991


ISBN 0-445-20745-0

300 pages -- $4.50

LGF - September 1995

French Hardback

ISBN 2253071773

413 pages -- €?.??




"Ryder's gang is just like any other gang of suburban kids. They do what all kids do: build tree houses, hunt snakes and rodents in the woods, keep snowballs in the freezer to throw at each other in mid-summer, boast, brag, argue and tussle.

Ryder, the sensitive day dreamer; Cody, the energetic tomboy; Marshall, the gangly know-it-all; Jack, the foul-mouthed mischief; and Beth, the pretty little girl with the sweet singing voice...all just like any other kids. Except...

By their parents' choice, they have all become members of a new generation of genetically tailored individuals created by one Dr. Aaron Florida. Hoping their son can get a leg up in an increasingly competitive world, Marshall's ambitious parents have ordered for him the pre-planned life of a top scientist; Cody's two mothers have a girl who can do anything a boy can do -- better; Ryder's parents are blessed with a son possessed of a perfect memory. And it is through Ryder's perceptions that this at once captivating and chilling tale of ours and other worlds unfolds.

Black Milk is yet another work of powerful imagination and prodigious story-telling technique from the author of The Leeshore and The Hormone Jungle. It is of this world and beyond, of the present and the future...and, at its heart, it is a tale of good and evil linking a terrifying conflict in space with mankind's most vulnerable hostages -- its children." -- text from the flyleaf of the hardback edition

"Today's Children. Tomorrow's Geniuses.

They're the best of friends: Ryder, Cody, Marshall, Jack and Beth. A gang of five who hang out in a massive tree fort, joke and laugh together, roughouse and play in the fields of summer. Just like everyday kids. But this is a world where parents can choose the talents and abilities their children will possess. Where the genetic experiments of Dr. Aaron Florida can guarantee a child's future as a brilliant scientist, a gifted singer, or a supreme athlete -- even, for Ryder, bestow the power of perfect memory. These children represent a new generation of genetically tailored individuals, created to help build a brighter future. Is Dr. Florida the mastermind behind a better world -- or the keeper of a terrifying secret? Ryder and his friends will soon discover the shocking truth about the new world they stand to inherit." -- text from back cover of the US paperback edition

Futura Orbit - June 1990

UK Trade Paperback

ISBN 0-356-19081-1

?? pages -- £?.??

Futura Orbit - June 1990

UK Hardback

ISBN 7088-8345-1

?? pages -- £?.??

Orbit - July 1991

UK Paperback

ISBN 0-7088-8356-7

?? pages -- £?.??

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