Beyond the Veil of Stars

Tor Books - June 1994


ISBN 0-312-85730-6

318 pages -- $21.95


"What would you do if your world was turned inside out? That's what happened to young Cornell Novak the night the sky changed forever, propelling him into adventures beyond his wildest imagination.

Throughout Cornell's youth, his dad was a UFO hunter, driving him down the backroads of small-town America examing black glass circles in farm fields and other UFO evidence. Cornell kept hoping they'd find his mom who, Dad had told him, was taken by aliens.

Then one night, the familiar starry night sky is ripped away and replaced by what looks like the other side of the Earth, seen in a mirror. As a UFO expert, Cornell's father becomes a celebrity, but his father's sudden fame drives Cornell away.

Cornell drifts until he is recruited by a mysterious government agency which swears him to secrecy before revealing that Earth has contacted alien worlds through the Portal, a device that 'translates' humans who pass through into indigenous life forms of the world. On the other side, Cornell is to work with Porsche, an enigmatic and utterly attractive woman. Together, Cornell and Porsche fight for their lives on an alien world so they can be together back home. But Cornell's biggest trials come when he returns to Earth to face secrets that are more shattering than any of his alien encounters.

Robert Reed creates a stunningly original vision in this finely crafted bildungsroman set the day after tomorrow. An unforgettable novel of loss and redeption, it will awaken in every reader a unique sense of wonder about the universe around us." -- from the flyleaf of the hardback edition

  Awards and Other Notes

•  New York Times Notable Book of the Year

Followed by a sequel, Beneath the Gated Sky (1997) and also linked to the 1999 novella Apothecary Blue

Tor Books - September 1995

Trade Paperback

ISBN 0-812-52406-3

?? pages -- $?.??



Tor HB 1994
LGF PB 2000

LGF - February 2000

French Paperback

ISBN 2253072176

377 pages -- €?.??

LGF - October 1998

French Hardback

ISBN 222108022X

369 pages -- €?.??

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