"Prose so well-crafted and fascinating as to be in itself entirely sufficient, without generating the impatient readerly urge to know who this human is and what is going to happen next."

— Lois Tilton


The Leeshore

April 1987, Donald I. Fine, Inc.

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The Hormone Jungle

February 1988, Donald I. Fine, Inc.

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Black Milk

March 1989, Donald I. Fine, Inc.

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Down the Bright Way

April 1991, Bantam/Spectra

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The Remarkables

March 1992, Bantam/Spectra

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Beyond the Veil of Stars

June 1994, Tor

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followed by Beneath the Gated Sky

An Exaltation of Larks

December 1995, Tor

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Beneath the Gated Sky

September 1997, Tor

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sequel to Beyond the Farthest Star

The Dragons of Springplace

April 1999, Golden Gryphon

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Short Story Collection -- 11 stories


July 2000, Tor

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Sister Alice

May 2003, Orbit [UK]

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September 2004, Golden Gryphon

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set in the Marrow universe

The Well of Stars

December 2004, Orbit [UK]

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sequel to Marrow

The Cuckoo's Boys

October 2005, Golden Gryphon

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Short Story Collection -- 12 stories

The Flavors of My Genius

November 2006, PS Publishing

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April 2012, PS Publishing

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The Greatship

October 2013, Argo-Narvis E-book

December 2013, Argo-Narvis TPB P-O-D

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The Memory of Sky: A Great Ship Trilogy

March 2014, Prime Books

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[French language short story collection]

February 2002, Imaginaires Sans

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Short Story Collection -- 9 stories

"A major talent has entered the field. I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the most talked about sf novels of the year."

— Algis Budrys

Journal of Fantasy and Science Fiction

"The Hormone Jungle is a powerful and skillful blend of believable future reality with the unchanging reality of the human heart. Reed's characters are vividly, painfully alive, and the action grows naturally out of their complex lives. An SF book like this is worth a dozen filled mostly with hardware and essays. Reed is sure to be an important writer."

— Nancy Kress

Nebula Award Winner and author of An Alien Light

"A beautifully constructed story full of elegantly examined ideas."

The Plain Dealer


"Reed sees the future with a clarity given to very few and writes about it in his own dazzling unmistakable way."

— Robert Silverberg




"This is an ambitious, thoughtful novel with much to say about the mutually reinforcing web of sensations, assertions, and aspirations that we so confidently call reality."

The New York Times Book Review

"Robert Reed's An Exaltation of Larks beautifully re-creates the physical ambiance and the intellectual atmosphere of a small American college. Against this unlikely backdrop, Reed then deploys a story with breathtakingly cosmic dimensions, never failing to advance it through sensitive characterization and acute attention to detail."

— Michael Bishop

Nebula Award Winner and author of No Enemy But Time

"Beneath the Gated Sky is an enjoyable, fast-moving thriller, and Reed's prose is polished if not too flashy. He also leaves the hatch open for a third installment, and indeed readers can see a new band of villains lurking in the shadows beyond. That's bad news for The Few, and good news for readers.."

— Curt Wohleber

Sci Fi Weekly

"...if you are looking for rich and varied scenarios with interesting and well developed characters which require some investment on your part, this is the place to go.."

— George T. Dodds

SF Site

"With his command of prose, characterization, and ideas, Robert Reed is the new century's most compelling SF voice. Marrow is the highest of high concepts, one of the most original visions in a long while."

— Stephen Baxter

John W. Campbell and Philip K. Dick Award Winner author of The Time Ships




"Reed convincingly paints a future society of enormously advanced beings who are still recognisably human, dealing with issues of power and it’s abuses, family loyalty, jealousy and the often-high cost of advancement. The scale, in terms of both the abilities of these beings and the vast time periods the novel covers is staggering - Reed is obviously not afraid to tackle the biggest of concepts. Sister Alice is an absorbing and stimulating novel."

— Joe Gordon

The Alien Online

"Harrowing, evocative, and deeply moving, Mere shows Reed to be in top form as one of SF's most startling and original voices."

— Claude Lalumiere

Locus Online

"This works at all levels, from the big action sequences and mind-expanding concepts to the quiet, reflective moments."

Publishers Weekly

"The Cuckoo's Boys reaffirms SF's function as a thoughtful and paradigm-subverting literary form, able to interrogate the immediacies of life as fluently as theoretically more focused "mundane" writing. Reed is not a comforting author, but the morals he draws are telling and necessary. In a somewhat stern manner, The Cuckoo's Boys is one of the strongest genre collections of the year."

— Nick Gevers


"...ultimately this is a story about stories; the power of the narrative to enlighten and mislead us. Bob crafts a deft plot, indeed, as evidenced by the inspiring ending of this novella."

— James Patrick Kelly

From the introduction to this chapbook

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