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Robert Reed was born in Omaha, Nebraska on October 9, 1956. He attended Benson High there, and then Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he received a B.S. in Biology in 1987. Bob worked as a lab technician at NWU from 1979 to 1980, and at Mapes Industries in Lincoln from 1978 to 1987. Since 1987, he has been prolific enough to make his living as a full-time science fiction writer.

Bob has had eleven novels published, starting with The Leeshore in 1987 and most recently with The Memory of Sky in 2014. Since winning the first annual L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest in 1986 (under the pen name Robert Touzalin) and being a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer in 1987, he has had over 180 shorter works published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Eleven of those stories were published in his critically-acclaimed first collection, The Dragons of Springplace, in 1999. Twelve more stories appear in his second collection, The Cuckoo's Boys [2005]. In addition to his success in the U.S., Reed has also been published in the U.K., Russia, Japan, Spain and in France, where a second (French-language) collection of nine of his shorter works, Chrysalide, was released in 2002. Bob has had stories appear in at least one of the annual "Year's Best" anthologies in every year since 1992. Bob has received nominations for both the Nebula Award (nominated and voted upon by genre authors) and the Hugo Award (nominated and voted upon by fans), as well as numerous other literary awards (see Awards). In 2007, he won his first Hugo Award for the 2006 novella "A Billion Eves".

Reed continues to live in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife, Leslie, and daughter, Jessie. Local residents who may not know him for his award-nominated work as a genre writer may instead recognize him as an ardent long-distance runner -- he can frequently be seen jogging through the parks and hiking trails of Lincoln, and has taken part in many of the area's running races for the past several years.

There have been several published interviews with Robert Reed. With the addition below of transcribed copies of interviews he has done with the Omaha World-Herald and Lincoln Journal Star, we believe this list of printed reviews is now complete. If you know of any others, please let us know, too!

Short interview by Alvaro Zino-Amaro for Clarkesworld, touching on Greatship, The Memory of Sky, "Aether", Destiny the game, and Reshaping Light (Bob's blog) - Clarkesworld November 2014

Brief Interview for Nocturnia - in both Italian - by the translator of the new Italian ebook of "Savior" ("Il Salvatore") - June 2014

Brief Interview for Nocturnia - in both Italian and English - for the SF Italia website, about a wide range of topics - April 24, 2014

Book Brahmin: Robert Reed - Brief Online Interview - on the Shelf Awareness Blog - March 19, 2014

Online Interview - in the Kids Ebook Bestsellers Blog, about "The Greatship" - February 8, 2014

Q & A – about "The Greatship" and "A Memory of Sky" – in the "Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors newsletter - Fall 2013

Brief Interview - in the F&SF Blog, about "Katabasis" - December 18, 2012

Extremely brief interview (2 questions) in an Other Worlds Than These blog entry in 2012, associated with Bob's story Like Minds, appearing in that anthology

Lightspeed Author Spotlight in March 2011, accompanying Bob's story Woman Leaves Room

"Improbable Journeys: An Interview With Robert Reed" with Alvaro Zinos-Amaro, appeared at the Internet Review of Science Fiction site in August 2009

Bob was one of ten authors, critics and scholars, who were invited to share their thoughts on the subject of "The Tricky Trope of Time Travel" for SFSignal on April 15, 2009

Two page profile article in L Magazine, published by the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper - February 2009

Interview - with blogger Travis Heermann on "Blogging the Muse" - June 24, 2008

Brief Interview - in the F&SF Blog - March 17, 2008

Brief Interview - in the Omaha, Nebraska music and culture news magazine The Reader - shortly after winning the Hugo Award for "A Billion Eves" - October 11-17, 2007

Now available online at the interviewer's blog!

Brief Interview - on the Lincoln Journal Star's website - September 16, 2007

Brief Interview - on the World Herald's website - September 5, 2007

Brief Interview - Sunday Omaha World Herald - April 22, 2007

Brief interview on the occasion of Bob's two 2007 Hugo nominations

Interview - Daily Nebraskan college newspaper - Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brief interview on the occasion of Bob's 50th appearance in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in the December 2005 issue -- November 7, 2005

Feature Interview - Sunday Lincoln Journal Star newspaper – January 2004

Feature Interview - The Zone - January 2004

Feature Interview - The Dragon Page radio talkshow - December 2003

Feature Interview - SciFi Weekly - November 2003

Brief Interview with Daily Nebraskan college newspaper prior to book signing - September 8, 2000

Robert Reed appeared on the Nebraska ETV 30-minute talk show Roger Welsch &... shortly after Marrow was released. He and fellow Nebraska author Welsch discussed Reed's background, writing styles, the meaning behind science fiction, and their mutual yet separate histories at Nebraska Wesleyan University, which Bob attended and at which Roger taught


Bob was one of several authors interviewed in this profile of Hugo nominees in 1999

Bob's letter of tribute at LOCUS to the late Jim Turner, Bob's editor at Golden Gryphon - April 1999

Feature Interview -  LOCUS Magazine - April 1998 - On-Line Excerpt

John H. Ames Reading Series at Lincoln City Libraries in Lincoln, NE

Mar 18 1993 + Nov 18 1999 + Feb 16 2006

DVD and VHS recordings of three hour-long readings available for checkout to LCL patrons - also most likely available to borrow through your own library's InterLibrary Loan services

Feature Interview - Sunday Omaha World Herald - March 10, 1991

Here are some links to all of the known photos of Bob Reed out there on the Internet, mostly from his various convention appearances and interviews over the years. If you know of any additional photos not listed here, we'd appreciate hearing about them.

LonCon 3 [London, England] -- August 2014

A single photo of Bob, with Scott Edelman

ConStellation IV [Lincoln, NE] -- April 20, 2013

A single photo of Bob, at a panel updating fans on the latest developments in his career

Chicon 7 [70th WorldCon - Chicago] -- August 30-September 3, 2012

A set of photos of Bob, at a signing, a reading and a panel

Denvention 3 [66th WorldCon - Denver] -- August 6-10, 2008

Sketch of Bob as one of the six panelists at the "Social Change" (SF as a forum for questioning social norms) panel, by artist Neal Skorpen -- also available in a larger size -- Skorpen's site

Denvention 3 [66th WorldCon - Denver] -- August 6-10, 2008

Bob, on the panel "SF as a Forum for Questioning Social Norms" (mislabeled)

Denvention 3 [66th WorldCon - Denver] -- August 6-10, 2008

Bob, with Scott Edelman and Wil McCarthy

Denvention 3 [66th WorldCon - Denver] -- August 6-10, 2008

Bob, with Bill Shunn

Omaha World Herald - April 22, 2007

Photo accompanying newspaper interview

LACon IV [64th WorldCon - Los Angeles] -- August 23-27, 2006

Bob strikes a pose at LACon IV, the 2006 WorldCon

LACon IV [64th WorldCon - Los Angeles] -- August 23-27, 2006

Bob, poolside, at LACon IV, the 2006 WorldCon

Lincoln City Libraries' John H. Ames Reading Series - February 16, 2006

Two photos taken during Bob's reading: One | Two

Noreascon 4 [62nd WorldCon - Boston] Sept 2-6, 2004

Bob on "The Long and the Short of It" panel with Sarah Zettel, David Mausek, William Tenn, Jay Caselberg and Nicholas A. DeChario

Noreascon 4 [62nd WorldCon - Boston] Sept 2-6, 2004

Two photos -- (1) Bob and Leslie Reed attend the Hugo Nominees party; (2) Bob joins Scott Edelman, Jane Jewell and Jim Kelly for an odd "clock" photo

Lincoln Journal Star - January 11, 2004

Photo accompanying newspaper interview

Torcon [61st WorldCon - Toronto] -- August 28-Sept 1, 2003

Bob at Torcon, the 2003 WorldCon

ConCussion VI [Lincoln, NE] -- June 29-July 1, 2001

Bob by himself, and on a panel with Richard Knaak and Elaine Cunningham

Chicon 2000 [58th WorldCon - Chicago] August 31-Sept 4, 2000

Bob on "Cubs vs. The Sox: World Series" panel with Erik M. Van, Rick Wilber, Richard Gilliam and Harry Turtledove

Galaxiales 2000 [Paris] - Spring of 2000

Five photos of Bob, by himself, goofing around, and on a panel [select Robert Reed from menu of non-European authors]

Chicon V [49th WorldCon - Chicago] - Fall of 1991

Bob at Chicon V

Omaha World Herald - March 10, 1991

Photo accompanying newspaper interview

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